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English Undergraduates

A major or minor in English at CSU-Pueblo provides direct access to many careers and the solid foundation necessary to pursue further study in multiple disciplines; including Law, History, Library Sciences, Journalism, Communication, and more. Specially designed programs in English prepare students for teaching at the elementary or secondary levels. English majors also become professional writers and editors. A minor in Communications & Rhetoric and a minor in Creative Writing are also available, as well as an English major with Creative-Writing Emphasis.

Combining the study of English with other academic programs or graduate study opens doors to careers in college teaching, law, technical writing, sales and marketing, administration, social work and all other areas requiring human interaction

The CSU-Pueblo English Program seeks to help students learn how to explore and articulate thinking in the most effective ways possible. English students at CSU-Pueblo receive the guidance, support, and inspiration necessary to improve their language and critical thinking abilities.

Drawing on such resources as a state-of-the-art computerized classroom, a friendly and supportive Writing Room, and a dedicated faculty of outstanding writing and literature instructors, CSU-Pueblo English majors develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in our changing world. English Program faculty pride themselves on their availability for individual conferences and their willingness to work with enthusiastic students.

CSU-Pueblo's English degree program offers small classes and individual attention from a highly qualified faculty. Through their choices of English electives, students may focus on the study of the English language, literature, or writing.

The department also offers special overseas study courses in the summer in such places as London, Paris, and Rome. English faculty assist writing students in scheduling public readings of their work and in publishing Tempered Steel literary magazine.

Reasons to study: English
  • Acquire tools that will never lose value. Read analytically and write well is necessary in any career you ultimately decide to pursue
  • To understand the effects of changing media. Hone and sharpen communication, research skills and critical thinking that are essential in our fast-paced, digital world
  • The love of reading and knowledge. Learn to write complex and creative ideas into articulate language
  • Written and oral communication skill-set. Develop social skills, empathy, and take them into the workforce
  • Appreciate the transformation power of language and literature in your life and how they contribute to the world
  • Better understand the world in spite of social and economic pressures
  • English literature is produced and consumed around the world. Over half of the worldwide web is in English
  • Books
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Summer is Here.

Earn a $500 scholarship by enrolling in nine summer credits. Summer semester is a unique opportunity for our students and the perfect time to make progress in your degree.

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