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Engineering News

Professor Jaksic presented a paper at the ASEE Zone IV Conference 2018 held March 25-27 at the University of Colorado Boulder:

  • Jaksic, Nebojsa. “Teaching an old Robot New Tricks.”

Engineering students participated in the CSU-Pueblo 2018 Student Symposium on April 6:

  • Al-Allaq, Aiman. “A Heuristic-Based Review of the Usability of the OSHA Website with respect to Communication Tower Hazards.”
  • Clasby, Dustin. “Linear Optimization Program of Sudoku Game.”
  • David, Shamel, Raquel Marquez, April Conchola, Hassan Abdulkareem (from engineering), and Shion Ienaga. “CBASE & Co-Create Community Collaboration Project.”
  • Montoya, Franchesca, and James Steel.  Defect Detection and Location in Wind Turbine Tower Using Vibration Analysis.”
  • Vigil, Joseph. “A Heuristic-Based Review of the Usability of the OSHA Website with respect to Radiation Hazards.”

Students from the Department of Engineering designed and built robots that competed in the IEEE Regional competition in Austin Texas April 6-7 and at the Colorado Space Grant competition at the Sand Dunes April 13-14.

The Department of Engineering Advisory Board met on 13 April, with representatives from GPSSource, JM Eagle, Target Distribution Center, TTCI, UTC, Vestas, and Westwind Woods. Topics discuss included data analytics, skills that engineers need, Six Sigma, senior projects, internships, and MS recruitment.

Four engineering faculty members toured the DePuys Synthes medical device manufacturing plant in Monument on 20 April. The company plans to hire CSU-Pueblo engineering graduates and to sponsor senior projects. We invited them to join our Advisory Board. 

Professors Fraser and Jaksic participated in the Institute of Cannabis Research Conference 2018, held April 26-28 at CSU-Pueblo. Professor Jaksic served on the Conference Committee and made two presentations:

  • Jaksic, Nebojsa. Cannabis Engineering: A Look at the Present and 10 Years into the Future.
  • Jaksic, Nebojsa. Study of Industrial Hemp as Filler Material in ABS Filament Composites for 3D Printing FFF AM Process

Professor Fraser made two presentations, with co-authors:

  • Meisel, Josh, Sue Sisley, and Jane Fraser. “’I Ate How Much?!’ User Experiences with Cannabis Edibles.”
  • Sisley, Sue, Jane Fraser, and Patrick McCarthy, “Cannabis Patient Registry.”
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