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News from Engineering Alumni

Miné Esen (MSISE 2013) is a Software Engineer at IHS Markit in Boulder, Colorado. (7/25/2017)

Danielle Fox (BSE 2017) is an Instrument and Controls Engineer with Microchip Technology. (7/21/2017)

Reeanna Brown (BSE 2017) is a Systems Engineer with Lockheed Martin. (7/21/2017)

Trever Hess (BSIE 2016) is a Product Engineer at UTC Aerospace Systems in Colorado Springs, Colorado. (7/21/2017)

Harish Adhikesavan (MSISE 2014) is an Industrial Engineer at Universal Logistics Holdings, Inc. in the Detroit area, Michigan. (7/21/2017)

Ivan Pagano Aragona (BSIE 2013) is an engineer at Transportation Technology Center Inc. in Pueblo. He recently completed his Six Sigma Black Belt. He is pursuing the MS in Engineering with emphasis in Railroad Engineering at CSU-Pueblo. (7/20/2017)

Andri Purkanto (BSIE 2001) is a Project Manager at St. Onge Company in Pennsylvania.

Wisit Kumphai (MSISE 2000) earned his PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management (Energy Management) from Oklahoma State University in 2006. He is now a Senior Energy and Sustainability Consultant at Shaw Environmental, Inc.

Brenda Oaks (BSIE 2002) is a Metrics Analysis at Miller-Coors in Golden, Colorado.

Mike DeMoss (MSISE 2009) is a Quality Engineer at VT Miltope in Alabama.

Eric Samora (BSIE 2002) is a Demand Analysis/Master Planner at Gates Corporation in Denver.

Jeremey Dasher (BSIE and BSE 2010, MSISE 2011) is a Project Engineer at the Transportation Technology Center in Pueblo.

Chris Castellini (MSISE 2003) is an Engineering Group Manager at Ingersoll Rand (Trane) in Pueblo.

Joseph Talbott (BSIE 2001) is a Senior Engineer at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment in Pueblo.

Sarah Lamphere (BSIE 2003, MSISE 2009) is an Industrial Engineer with Evraz Rocky Mountain Steel in Pueblo.

Scott Dickerson (BSE 2011) is a Field Service Engineer at Grohmann USA.

Heather Boulier (BSE 2010) is a Project Engineer at Goodrich in Pueblo.

Tolga Tezcan (MSISE 2001) earned his PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Georgia Tech and is now an assistant professor of Operations Management at the Simon Graduate School of Business at the University of Rochester.

Bhagyaraj Panicker (MSISE 2011) is a Manufacturing Engineer at Ryobi in Indiana.

Engineering adjunct professor Sabri Cakdi (MSISE 2009) and Demet Eurgup (MSISE 2010) were married on St. Patrick's Day 2012 in Mineral ​ Palace Park, Pueblo.

Muhanad Hirzallah (MSISE 2000) earned his PhD in Industrial & Systems Engineering from the State University of New York). He is now Director, Business Applications, at the Mayo Clinic.

Clint Thielemier, native to Pueblo, received his Bachelors of Science of Industrial Engineering from CSU-Pueblo (then USC) in 2000. He was hired by Intel Corporation as an Industrial Engineer directly out of the school and has worked there for the last 11 years. In his positions, he has participated in 2 Plant start-ups (Colorado Springs and Lehi UT), fulfilled a 2 year assignment with an Intel/Micron Joint Venture, and has most recently worked at Intel’s flagship facility in Albuquerque NM orchestrating tactical capacity planning. In addition to his work, Clint and his wife, Shay, keep busy with their 4 children ages 10,7,4, and 1 and is actively involved in his children’s sports and Cub scouts. Also Clint is pursuing a distance Masters Degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering from the University of Southern California graduating in May 2011. "CSU-Pueblo has had a tremendous impact on my life and enabled to me to find a great job in a very competitive environment to support my family. IE’s are in strong demand and there are genuine problems to be solved." Please feel free to contact him through LinkedIn and add him as a connection. His profile link is:

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