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“Colorado State University Pueblo’s undergraduate engineering program was ranked among the nation’s top 100 by U.S. News and World Report. The undergraduate rankings include schools that do not offer a doctoral degree in engineering.” 

Five engineering faculty members attended the 2016 meeting of the American Society for Engineering Education in New Orleans. They presented the following papers:

     Jaksic, N. "Sustainable Undergraduate Engineering 3-D Printing Lab."

     Wollega, Ebisa, and Vitor Ambrosio Winckler. "User-Based Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems Approach in Industrial Engineering Curriculum Design and Review Process."



    Two MSISE graduates, Scott Cummings and Sabri Cakdi, are employed by TTCI and were coauthors (with Huimin Wu and Russell Walkter) of the article “Simulation of wheel climb at worn switch points, in the January 2016 issue of Railway Track & Structures.


    Two engineering graduate students gave presentations at the CSU Pueblo 2016 Student Symposium.

    • Sarper, Meral. “Algorithms for Integrating Hemp Bio-Energy into the Power Grid and Help as Phytoremediator for Pollution.”
    • Desai, Pratik D. “Characterization and Applications of Conductive Filament in 3D-Printers.”

    Also, Meral Sarper was one of four members of the Keynote Panel.



    Seniors presented their senior projects:

    • Production of Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes, using Chemical Vapor Deposition Method, by Don Magaisa and Joey Vigil
    • Fresnel Lens Programmable Furnace, by Jared Espinoza, Dongliang Lu, Travis Hobbs, Trever Hess, and Chris Gaudin
    • Process Improvements in Traction Chain Manufacturing, by Savanya Suvanaratosot and Israel Ortega Ramos.
    • Emergency Department Analysis at Memorial Hospital, by Mariana Hosomi, Gavin Reimer, and Oscar Yapor
    • Octocopter Applications, by Damilola Ogunbayode and Alfredo Ricalday
    • 3D Material Slicer, by Ben Barry, Levi Quandt, Devon Tuttoilmondo, and Lorenzo Vigil

    Company Week, "The Voice of the Rocky Mountain Manufacturing Economy," highlighted DeBourgh Manufacturing, located in La Junta, east of Pueblo. The President of the company, Jorgen Salo, received his BS in industrial engineering from CSU Pueblo.



    Jay Baillargeon, senior engineer at TTCI and 2012 graduate of the MSISE program, is the first author of the lead article in the August 2016 issue of Railway Track & Structures: "Update on the testing of improved insulated rail joints in revenue service. His coauthors are David Davis and Chris Pinney.

    In September, Professor Jaksic presented a paper “Inexpensive Metal 3D Printers in Education: The Revolution Continues” at the annual Rocky Mountain Section meeting of the American Society for Engineering Education in Cedar City, Utah.



    On October 3, the Department of Engineering hosted about 30 students form the Gifted and Talented Program in Fowler Colorado. Students toured the engineering labs, participated in a hands-on session in computer simulation, and watched 3D printing.

    On October 15, the Department of Engineering held the Third Annual Open House in conjunction with the University’s Homecoming activities and as part of the national Manufacturing Week activities.

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