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Five students and Professor Bedoya attended the IIE Western Regional Conference at California Polytechnic University in Pomona in spring.

Professor Jaksic was chosen as the 2014 Outstanding Faculty in the College of Education, Engineering, and Professional Studies.

One Master’s students completed a thesis:

  • Aber Elsaleiby. “Wheel Imbalance Effect on the Output of Wheel Impact Load Detector System (WILD).” Co-advisors: R B Wiley and Jane Fraser.


    Faculty members attended the ASEE Zone IV conference in Long Beach, California, and presented the following papers.

    • Yuan, Ding, Nebojsa Jaksic, and Jude DePalma, “LEGO Mindstorms: EV3 versus NXT 2.0 A Laboratory Study in an Introduction to Engineering Course”. The paper won the Best Paper Award for the Rocky Mountain Section.
    • Paudel, Ananda. “Augmented Reality for Visualization and Feature Identification of Solid Models in Engineering Graphics”
    • Jaksic, N. “A Brainwriting Exercise on Improving Engineering Programs.”


    Engineering faculty members presented papers at the national conference of the Institute of Industrial Engineers:

    • Modeling of Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Resources and their Long-Term Effects on CO2 Emissions in Colorado, by Leonardo Bedoya-Valenica and Gulsevi Basar.
    • An Agent-Based Model for Emergency Evacuation, by Leonardo Bedoya-Valenica and Yaneth Correa-Martinez.
    • Improving Operating Rooms at a Local Hospital via Simulation, by Leonardo Bedoya-Valenica and Jared Tafoya.
    • A History of the Wellington Award, by Jane M Fraser (Wellington Award Winner Presentation)

    Twenty engineering seniors and graduate students were inducted into the Order of the Engineer.

    Seniors presented their senior design projects:

    • Radio Telescope – Erin Banister, Benjamin Lickiss, John Payne.
    • Material Recovery Facility for Pueblo – Felipe Camacho, Alex Coronel, Carina Estrada, Jerad Tafoya.
    • Open-Source Robotic Arm – Alexis Grabill, Kyle Kidwell, Kevin Prudic, Chad Sexton.
    • Modular Glass Coating Production Line – Josh Blickhahn, David McKenzie, Daniel Thielemier.
    • Aquaponic Control System – Carina Estrada, Roland Hodge, Ben Maestas.


    Engineering faculty members presented papers at the national conference of the American Society for Engineering Education:

    • Integration of Sustainability in a Multidisciplinary Engineering Department, by Jane M Fraser, Leonardo Bedoya-Valenica, Jude L DePalma, Nebojsa I Jaksic, Ananda Mani Paudel, Huseyin Sarper, and Ding Yuan.
    • Paths to Accreditation, by Jane M Fraser, Alejandro Teran, and Hoa Thi Pham.

    Professor Paudel attended the international conference on Energy Technology, Power Engineering & Environmental Sustainability (ETPEES-2014) at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India and presented a paper titled “Investigating The Impact Of Solar Highways On Driver’s Safety & Road Maintenance.”



    The July 2014 issue of Railway Track & Structures has an article by Jay Baillargeon (MSISE, 2012) and others titled "Effects of heavy-axle loads on electric flash-weld surface degradation." Jay is employed by TTCI.


    Professor Huseyin Sarper retired in December 2014, in his 26th year as a professor at CSU Pueblo.

    Engineering faculty members also published two journal articles:

    • Jaksic, N. "Novel Experiential Learning Practices in Engineering Education Based on Inexpensive 3D Printers." Computers in Education Journal 5(4), pp 2-17, October-December 2014
    • Paudel, A. M., Philipp Kreutzmann. "Design and Performance Analysis of a Hybrid Solar Tricycle for a Sustainable Local Commute." Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, volume 41,473-482.

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