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Student Clubs


Students are encouraged to get involved in the department by joining student clubs, attending activities and seminars, and participating in research or field experiences. Students wishing to apply for membership for any of the clubs should contact the department. 

American General Contractors - Student Chapters

The AGC Student Chapter at CSU Pueblo facilitates activities such as field trips to local construction sites, opportunities to hear speakers of interest, various workshops, educational events, and social events for CSU Pueblo students and the surrounding communities. The American General Contractors Student Chapters also offers award competitions, certificate recognition programs, and a quarterly newsletter.

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American Society of Civil Engineers - Student Chapters

The ASCE Student Chapter at CSU Pueblo is a community of strong, innovative individuals that strive to better ourselves and the community around us by providing tools to further expand innovation and development in today's society. We are a group of college students aspiring to become professional civil engineers. We strive to enhance our personal, academic, and professional careers by challenging our academic knowledge through practical competitions and networking.


  • Get 80% of CET students involved and registered with ASCE and Packlink.
  • Get 75% of CET Seniors to take the FE Exam
  • Have our Student Chapter present to 5 local middle schools or high schools, and participate in Math Counts, Science Olympiad, and the Design Competition.
  • Fundraise $7,500 for the general operating funds of ASCE.

Officers as of Spring 2021

  • President: Mr. Domenic DeAngelo
  • Vice President: Mr. Joshua Hernandez
  • Treasurer: Mr. Mark Johnson
  • Secretary: Ms. Alexus Silva
  • Faculty Sponsors: Dr. M. R. Islam, Dr. Sylvester A. Kalevela, Prof. Kevin Sparks

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Visit the ASCE Student Chapters 


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