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Campus Accessibility

Colorado State University-Pueblo is committed to ensuring accessibility of its programs, facilities, and online environments for everyone, including those with disabilities. Should you experience a barrier in one of the following areas, please contact the Disability Resource & Support Center or one of the offices identified below.


    Facilities and Grounds

    All buildings on campus are equipped with power assist doors and elevators. If there is an accessibility issue, the Facilities Management team will address it. The Facilities Management team can be consulted in person (Physical Plant room 109), by phone (719.549.2211), or through the iServiceDesk.



    Since the development of the University’s new website in 2016, accessibility of online content – both on the website and in the learning management system Blackboard – has been an area of renewed focus. If there is an accessibility issue regarding the functioning of the website or Blackboard, please report it to the Information Technology Center in person on the second floor of the LARC, by phone at 719.549.2566, or online.



    For students or guests with either a license plate or hang tag that identifies them as having a disability, parking is available in any disability parking location. As some disability parking spaces along Jaruso Way – the emergency/service road on the west side of campus that runs from the Physics/Math building up to Belmont Hall – are not accessible due to barricades across entrance points, a special procedure has been established to grant people with disabilities access.

    For more information regarding ADA parking access on the west campus emergency road, please consult the Parking Services website for more information, stop by their office at the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office on the first floor of the Administration building, or call them during business hours at 719.549.2373.

Flags in International Student Office

Center for International Programs Transition

We have a new team focused on international student welfare and success at CSU-Pueblo. Find answers to your questions regarding VISAs, scholarships, and more throughout our transition.

Contact Information:

Justin Hiniker, Director

LARC 169
Phone: 719.549.2648

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