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CAPB submission Checklist (link attached document here)

DO NOT click and open a form or the instructions to save them.  To save, right click on the link and select "Save Target as . . . " ("Save Link as . . . " in Firefox).  Select the location on your computer where you want save, then click save.  Open the file from that location to modify.

Course Changes, Additions or​ Deletions

  • All course changes are submitted in kuali student curriculum management.  (new weblink here)
  • Special Topics Official request to offer a Special Topics course
  • CIP Codes IPEDS codes for the completion of line 11 on CAP I form
  • Special Class Codes Codes for the completion of line 8b on CAPB I form

Program Changes or Additions

Minutes and Reports

All Minutes can be found in the appropriate year’s minutes folder:

  • I:\University Common\Curriculum & Academic Programs Board\CAPB 2016 2017\Minutes
  • I:\University Common\Curriculum & Academic Programs Board\CAPB 2017 2018\Minutes

Curriculum Proposals

Course proposals are in kuali. Program proposals can be found on the I drive in the University Common folder under 
Curriculum & Academic Programs Board
Flags in International Student Office

Center for International Programs Transition

We have a new team focused on international student welfare and success at CSU-Pueblo. Find answers to your questions regarding VISAs, scholarships, and more throughout our transition.

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