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Who Gets Raped?

Every person is a potential victim regardless of age, appearance, race, gender, or socio-economic class. Two out of three college women have experienced unwanted sexual contact, including forced sexual intercourse, while with a date. Be assertive - no one has the right to touch your body unless you want them to, regardless of whether they paid for dinner, have had sex with you before, or think you are coming on to them.

What is rape? 

Rape is a violent act committed against a person's will. Rape and sexual assault are about power and dominance; they are not about sex and certainly not about feelings of affection or love.

Colorado Law defines forcible rape as: Any sexual penetration directed against another person (including oral, anal, or by use of an object) against that person's will, regardless of the victim's age.

If you've been raped-remember:

  • Get to Safety.
  • Call or go to someone for help - a friend, the police, the hospital.
  • Believe that you are not to blame for what happened.

    Feelings after Rape:

    Overly anxious
    Loss of appetite
    Distrust of others

    Every survivor of sexual assault or rape is dramatically affected, regardless of how they appear to be feeling or behaving following the attack.

    Begin to regain control of your life by taking control of the recovery process:

    • Talk about it to your family and friends.
    • Call the National Network (RAINN) hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE or Rape Crisis Services at 583-4420 or their 24-hour hotline at 549-0549 (in Pueblo).
    • Call CSU-Pueblo Student Counseling Center at 549-2859.
    • Allow yourself all the time you need to heal.



    Myths about rape

    Myth: Only "bad" girls get raped and they ask for it.

    Fact: No person deserves to be raped. No person asks to be victimized, threatened, violated, frightened, humiliated, or degraded. The responsibility for the crime is on the rapist and not on the victim.

    Myth: When a woman says "no" to sex, she really means, "yes".

    Fact: When a woman says no, that is what she means. Men will use violence and aggression to obtain sex. Women do not want to have sex against their will.

    Myth: Most rapists are strangers.

    Fact: More than half of all rapes are committed by someone the victim knows. During the dating years, 70 to 90 percent of rapes are acquaintance or date rape

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Campus Safety: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have a number of individuals working on a plan to ensure that we are prepared to take care of our students and employees in the event our campus is directly impacted by the coronavirus.

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