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Fall 2020: Things to Know

Updated September 10, 2020

The faculty and staff at CSU Pueblo look forward to welcoming you to campus in person this fall. 

We know that when you decided to join the Pack, you were attracted to the total campus experience, and it is important to us that you still have that opportunity. 

Cross-campus plans have been developed that allow for in-person, hybrid, and online class experiences that will help you to tailor your schedule in a flexible way that meets your personal need.

We hope that the key points below on how your Fall 2020 experience will look will help to answer many of the questions that you may have or alleviate any stress or anxiety around the Fall semester you may be experiencing.

Protecting the Pack Guide

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the many support services available at CSU Pueblo. We look forward to seeing you soon.


    Classroom Guidance

    Learn about area closures, student reports, privacy, non-compliance, and more:

    Classroom Guidance


    Mandatory Campus Health Reportings

    Beginning August 24, employees and students will not be required to go through in-person screening. Instead, campus will reply on self-reporting and has created an employee “hot line” and email address where students can call, text, or email the COVID Response Planning Team in order to report symptoms, exposure, or positive tests.

    Some students may be required to do on-site screening, including student athletes, campus residents, and others who may engage in high-risk activities or events. This guidance is subject to change without notice.


    Residence Life and Housing

    To provide the safest experience possible for our students, Residence Life & Housing (RLH) guidelines and procedures have been developed by University experts using consultations with liaisons from the Pueblo Health Department, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

    RLH will continue to provide a living, learning environment for all residents while keeping the safety and security of students and staff central in all procedures and processes.

    Learn More


    New Students

    In-Person New Student Orientation

    All students are required to complete the online orientation program that is available in their PAWs account. The in-person orientation program is being offered in a safe, physically-distanced format allowing for small group interactions to integrate our new students to campus. Masks are required and spots are limited.

    Students may register for the in-person orientation program at

    New Student Convocation

    Students will receive their “Pack On” t-shirts and academic pins during move in and from the Student Engagement and Leadership Office (OSC 102) for commuter students during orientation and the first week of classes. Videos will be playing throughout campus with the President’s welcome and the Academic Pledge.


    Course Types

    To better understand the modalities, and what we mean by face-to-face, online, or hybrid instruction, the following chart has been developed.

    PAWS Course Type COde Description of Structure Campus Attendance Required? Schedule info included in PAWS
    None (default)

    Face to Face

    Class meets regularly on campus with appropriate social distancing. May be technology-enhanced (including up to 24% online component)

    Yes Days/times/room of meeting, unless "arranged" as in music lessons, studio series, research, etc.


    Portions of class meet on campus with appropriate social distancing.

    This HYBRID course requires physical presence at a campus location plus online components which may be scheduled synchronous sessions and/or independent student work. Refer to course syllabus for specific details.

    Flexible Days/times/room of campus meetings and days/time for any synchronous remove sessions

    Synchronous online

    Synchronous components are included in 100% online course

    The Synchronous Online course is fully remote with required, scheduled days/times of active online participation. Refer to the course syllabus for specific details.

    No, Fully remote (with required online meeting times) Days/times for synchronous sessions


    Fully Asynchronous, 100% online course

    The online course is fully remote with completion of coursework on a student-directed schedule (asynchronous). Refer to the course syllabus for specific details.

    Note: Lack of any required campus meetings.

    No, fully remote, no set times No days/times stated: "online" is entered
    F Field experience consists of arranged off-campus learning experience Not typically Often "arranged"


    MATH096, MATH097, RDG099 only

    May vary Days/times/room of campus meetings and/or synchronous remote sessions

    Community Expectations

    While not all of our students may be in a high-risk group for contracting COVID-19, as a member of a community, it's important that you recognize the impact your actions and choices will have on others who may be at higher risk.

    • YOU are key to our efforts to #ProtectOurPack. Per health guidance, students will be expected to wear masks in classrooms and public spaces, and will be providing one reusable mask for each student.
    • You will be asked to practice social distancing when outside of your personal living space - floor markers will be provided as well as other indicators across campus to help make this easier.
    • We ask that you wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, as that is one of the most helpful actions we can each take to limit the spread of the virus.

    Protect the Pack Guide


    Education Materials

    Marketing campaigns including hallway signs, door signs, mirror clings in every resident bathroom, and routinely updated bulletin boards will educate on various topics including: washing hands, properly putting on and taking off a mask, cleaning surfaces, cleaning bathrooms, and physical distancing.

    Communication with students will include emails and mailers with educational components as well as instructions on updated procedures.

    Residence Life & Housing has worked with University Marketing to create short TikTok videos about hand washing and properly putting on and taking off a mask. These videos will run with other University videos on the common area T.V.s.


    Interactions with staff

    Main entrance and exit doors, elevator buttons, and common touch-points in the main lobbies will be sanitized multiple times throughout the day. Hand Sanitizer stations will be placed in each building lobby and checked each business day by staff. Floor stickers and Plexiglass will be placed at the front desk to encourage safe interactions with staff. 

    Training Updated

    Professional and Student staff will be trained on the updated procedures and University standards as related to the COVID-19 response. On-going training will occur as changes and updates are communicated. Trainings and meetings with more than 10 people will be online.


    Campus Health and Safety

    When you arrive on campus this fall, you will note many of the precautions we have put into place to keep you safe.

    In addition to masks, 6-foot spacing throughout campus, and hand washing, now we have also taken other significant actions.

    • Class sizes: These have been changed to allow for social distancing within the classroom in which each class is scheduled – we have carefully measured spaces to ensure we are meeting guidelines.
    • Professors: All instructors and professors will be equipped with face shields that provide an important layer of safety during in-person classes, without impeding your ability to interact with them. The combination of faculty face shields with student masks provides a significant amount of protection for the entire class.
    • Plastic Shields: Service offices and front desks around campus have been outfitted with plastic shields that will protect staff and students during key interactions.
    • Cleaning: Our facilities team has enacted meticulous cleaning protocols for all public areas, and faculty and staff are cleaning their personal office spaces throughout the day.

    Blackboard Enhancements

    For many of you, online and hybrid classes will be part of the flexible schedule that you enjoy this fall.

    • The university has invested in key technologies over the summer to make that experience exceptional, with a move of our Blackboard learning platform to the cloud, allowing for increased function and reliability.
    • A new online proctoring service will allow faculty to administer tests and exams online in a more robust manner than has previously been possible.

    Academic Restructuring

    We are excited to share that when students return to campus this fall, they will notice some changes in the way our academic units are structured. 

    • July 1 we launched the new College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, also known as the College of STEM. The College of STEM will offer more hands-on and research opportunities rooted in collaboration and integration of basic and applied science
    • The renovated Psychology building soon to be named the Center for Integrated Health and Human Inquiry.
      • The center will be an interdisciplinary venture that includes the new College of Health, Education and Nursing and academic departments from the humanities and social sciences disciplines.
      • The Center will not only bring state of the art educational facilities focused on nursing and health sciences, but also a new dimension of human inquiry into the educational atmosphere.  This will again open the doors for collaboration among faculty and students.
    • The School of Creativity and Practice has been formed.
      • The School of Creativity and Practice aims to become the regional center of choice for media, arts and music. 
      • It will offer exciting core curricula at the intersection of Media Communication, Creative Arts and Music allowing for shared experiences among the students while allowing for disciplinary differences among each of the degrees housed within the school.

    Student Activities

    Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) is offering events in-person and remotely for the fall semester. Follow @MyCSUPueblo on Facebook and @mycsupueblo_ on Instagram for event updates and information.

    Registered Student Organizations and Club Sports are highly encouraged to hold meetings virtually during the Fall semester. Information on how to set up and conduct a virtual meeting can be obtained by emailing for Student Organizations or for Club Sports.

    Student organization or Club Sports events or meetings that cannot be held virtually must be approved at least 10 business days in advance by the Director of Student Engagement, Noelle Sansouci, for Student Organizations or for Club Sports.

    Events must follow established event guidelines and comply with Pueblo County and State of Colorado recommendations. A student organization event plan must accompany the request and an example template may be found on Packlink.


    Career Services

    The CSU Pueblo Career Center is prepared to offer the same excellent in-person service that our students and their families expect from CSU Pueblo as they plan for jobs after graduation.

    In addition, our partnership with Handshake allows us to expand those services in the current unpredictable environment, offering special services via remote technologies as well.
    • Handshake allows you to network with potential employers for internships, view job postings, receive inspiration with tools and resources, and view employers that may be seeking you either now or after graduation.  Once you populate a profile with your interests, Handshake AI will email you potential jobs periodically, and recruiters will seek your talents.  This resource connects you with off campus employment opportunities, and it will be crucial if career fairs need to be held virtually due to the pandemic. 
    • The Career Center staff and employers can email you directly, and with your permission, our team can create resume books electronically to send to employers looking to hire our students.
    • You also have access to the Big Interview software, which leverages artificial intelligence to provide you virtual feedback on your interviewing skills, ranging from eye contact and use of filler words like umm to rate of speech and vocabulary.

    Tutoring and Support Services

    Students can rest assured that they will have access to all university tutoring services for the entire fall semester.

    • To better meet student needs, all tutoring centers at CSU Pueblo will be utilizing WC Online, a state of the art program, to streamline their tutoring support services. WC Online will create a one-stop-shop for students to easily navigate and schedule tutoring support, with opportunities available for safe face-to-face tutoring on campus, as well as online synchronous and asynchronous support.
    • Students can find more information via the Tutoring Services link on all Blackboard course pages.

    If you are a first-generation college student, please contact TRIO Student Support Services for help with tutoring, advising, and direct grant aid.

    • Our TRIO Educational Opportunity Center provides personalized 1-on-1 assistance with FAFSA, financial aid appeals, verifications, finding private grants and scholarships, and more.
    • Veterans who need assistance in applying or returning to CSU Pueblo can receive a FREE computer and support services with our TRIO Veterans Upward Bound program. 

    Read More


    End of the Semester

    As previously shared, students will not return to campus once they depart for Thanksgiving Break. 

    Finals will be conducted remotely.

    • The campus has purchased software to make this possible as needed, and you will receive introduction to this service as part of your fall classes.
    • Housing will provide supplemental information in the coming weeks about length of contract and options for students who need to remain on campus after break, given this scheduling adjustment.

COVID-19 Response Planning Team

RPT Members

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