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Science Learning Center

Appointment-Based and Walk In Tutoring for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Courses. 

The SLC is OPEN for face-to-face and online tutoring this summer! The SLC is open for face-to-face and online tutoring Monday-Thursday 10:30am-3pm, with after-hours online support Monday-Thursday 5-7pm and Sundays 2-5pm.  

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Courses Supported by the SLC

Biology Chemistry Physics
BIO 100, BIO 112, BIO 181, BIO 182, BIO 201, BIO 202, BIO 206, BIO 223, BIO 224, BIO 301, BIO 350, BIO 351, BIO 352, and select 400 level courses. CHEM 111, CHEM 121, CHEM 122, CHEM 150, CHEM 160, CHEM 211, CHEM 221, CHEM 301, CHEM 302, CHEM 311, CHEM 317, CHEM 321, and select 400 level courses. PHYS 201, PHYS 202, PHYS 221, PHYS 222


The SLC is YOUR Tutoring Center for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Courses!

The SLC is open for tutoring support during the fall and spring semesters, and summer sessions. The SLC provides drop in and appointment-based tutoring for Biology, Chemistry and Physics tutoring. During COVID restrictions, all SLC tutoring is offered online via Zoom! To schedule tutoring support and check availability, please visit our tutoring website at the link above.

How to Become an SLC Tutor

The SLC maintains a staff of 15-18 tutors to provide comprehensive tutoring support for students enrolled in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics courses.

Requirements for tutor eligibility are as follows:

  • Current CSU-Pueblo student majoring (preferred) or minoring in a scientific field
  • Completion of the General Chemistry sequence (CHEM 121 & 122) with an A or B
  • Availability to commit 6-10 hours/week towards working in the Science Learning Center while maintaining high performance in courses
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Desire to mentor other students.

New tutors are typically recruited and hired towards the end of the semester. For more information about tutoring, please stop by the Science Learning Center.

Submit Your Vaccination Record

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Faculty, staff, and students can utilize our secure health portal to upload confidential vaccination records.

Contact Information:

Abby Davidson, Science Learning Center Director

Life Science 122
Phone: 719.549.2652

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