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Experiential Education (EE) Program

The purpose of the EE Program is to recruit engaged faculty, staff, and community members to play an active role in scaffolding experiential education projects for undergraduate students within their discipline area, and provide active mentorship. EE Mentors will play a dynamic role in mentoring undergraduate students through all aspects of the EE project including: project design, project implementation, project reporting, and delivery of appropriate project deliverables.

Benefits of Involvement:

  • $500 stipend for student upon completion of the EE Project (Students are expected to commit approximately 50 hours to complete an EE project within a semester; Stipend is paid out upon project completion and deliverables provided)
  • Access to funding opportunities to support materials for the project (funding determination at the discretion of CBASE Staff)
  • Access to funding opportunities to attend and present at discipline-relevant conferences (funding determination at the discretion of CBASE Staff)
  • Opportunity to showcase EE Project as a team at a CSU Pueblo Research Symposium

Application Process:

  • EE Mentors that would like to begin a new project collaboration must provide a EE Project Request Summary that includes the following:
    • Summary of the EE Project
    • Overview of the role EE mentee(s) will play in the EE Project, including goals, expected outcomes, and deliverables for the project
    • EE Projects must provide previously-agreed deliverable (ex: presentation, poster, portfolio, written report) prior to project implementation, and must be submitted at the conclusion of the project to prompt stipend payment for mentee and mentor
    • Identified students mentee(s) or brief description of ideal student candidate for project
    • Description and budget of supplies needed to complete the EE Project
Completed EE Project Request Summaries, questions, and additional requests can be directed to CBASE Assistant Director Abby Davidson (

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