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CSU-Pueblo Forensics Team


The CSU-Pueblo Forensics Team is a co-curricular activity open to any undergraduate student at CSU. Speech and debate allows participants to showcase their talent, learn critical thinking skills, and serve as ambassadors for CSU-Pueblo. Forensics is a unique opportunity for students to learn the arts of argumentation and communication in a competitive environment. It promotes unique research and analytical skills unlike other extracurricular activities. Joining a collegiate debate team may be one of the best decisions you will make in your academic career. The team operates under the premise that intercollegiate debate is a uniquely rewarding educational experience, enhanced by competitive success and ethical conduct. Commitment and excellence are the foundation of a quality program.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Colorado State University-Pueblo Forensics Team to:

… provide participating students a valuable educational activity with a primary emphasis on intercollegiate debate competition and public speaking skills to improve critical thinking, research skills, ethical argumentation, advocacy, analysis, persuasion, teamwork, group problem solving, citizenship and leadership for the betterment of Colorado State University-Pueblo;
…serve as rhetorical ambassadors to present public debates, host debate competitions and instructional institutes, and to expose the University and the surrounding community to the democratizing and dialectical educational benefits of debate and its legacy.


What are the benefits of joining the CSU-Pueblo Forensics Team?

  • The team travels to 10-12 tournaments per year both regionally and nationally including tournaments in California, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Utah, Kansas, and Missouri.
  • Scholarships are available for Communication and Rhetoric Minors, depending on availability and need.
  • Speech and debate provide networking abilities with other forensics programs across the nation to enhance a student’s placement in graduate programs for communication, law, political science among other fields.
  • Team members develop specific skills in delivery, research, and critical thinking, which are transferable to other facets of a student’s life, including academics, the workforce, and social environments.

Communication and Rhetoric Department

Faculty and Staff

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