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Forensics Alumni

Reconnecting with our alumni is one of our main initiatives. Any organization’s past tells a story, and we have worked to unveil that of the Forensics team. Through our research, we have uncovered a rich history of over 435 competitors, spanning decades since the team’s inception in 1939 as one of the first organizations on campus. With the help of Makayla Miller, Mass Communication student and Team Secretary, we produced two incredible projects, an exhibit and video of images and articles procured during our research. Below you’ll find a copy of this video titled, “CSU-Pueblo: A Legacy Through the Ages.” The Forensics Team has existed as our university has grown, so the name depicts the notion that this team, its members, goals, and accomplishments have impacted every facet of this institution’s history, and it will continue to do so in the future.

Jim Campbell Comes to Visit

Dr. Jim Campbell was a member of the Forensics Team from 1965-1969, competing in Debate, Original Oratory, Oral Interpretation. He had the opportunity to visit CSU-Pueblo on November 3, 2015 and attended a Forensics Team meeting. During that visit, he shared with us a story about the impact speech and debate had on his life and his ability to do good in the world. At the conclusion of his story, he told us, “So for me to come here today and to see your faces is to allow me to go back into those moments when I was just beginning to savor words and poetry… I mean I love to analyze words. I could do that, but it was in speech that words began to come alive. It was like you began to savor them like a feast. And you could not only be moved by them but you could translate that into something that moved other people to a common good. And that happened here. And I want you to know what it means to be back here, among those who understand that. Because this is the richest of gifts. The richest of gifts.”

Tailgate and Debate

On October 10, 2015, over 50 people comprised of alumni, faculty, students, current team members, and their families gathered to watch two current students, Nalene Ayala and Gene Wilson, debate two Forensics Team alumni, Steve Henson, the Managing Editor of the Pueblo Chieftain, and James Croshal, attorney. The teams faced off on the topic, “Pueblo City Schools Ought to Abandon Standardized Testing.” With a 15-point margin from an audience vote, the Alumni team won the debate on the affirmative, arguing that standardized testing does more harm than good for the community.

The Second Annual Tailgate & Debate will be hosted October 15, 2016 at 9:30am in the OUC Hearthwell Lounge.

Nalene Ayala, Gene Wilson, Kathryn Starkey, Steve Henson, James Croshal, October 10, 2015

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