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Ceremony / Check-In Instructions

  • This is a FORMAL ceremony.
  • Alcohol is NOT allowed. Marijuana is NOT allowed.
  • Only service animals are allowed in campus buildings.
  • March proudly – you earned it!
  • Help make this a positive ceremony for all graduates.

 Please review all areas below carefully as they include important information regarding the commencement ceremonies:




    • Massari doors will open at 9 a.m. 
    • Parking for graduates will be available in parking lot E-10 located next to the Thunderbowl. Shuttles will be available to take graduates from the parking lot to the Student Recreation Center.

    Parking Map

    • Proceed to the Student Recreation Center to check in
    • You must bring your name card with you to the ceremony or your name will not be announced. Your card has your desired diploma name already printed, but if your name is hard to pronounce, please write out your name phonetically (ex: Jaime, Hi-Meh) on the name card (space provided).
    • Once you have checked in, you will be directed to the graduate line-up area in the Rec Center Gym and wait for further instructions.


    Dressing Assistance

    • CSU-Pueblo staff members will be available to assist graduates with caps and gowns, if needed.
    • There will not be a secure location to leave valuables or personal belongings. Please do not bring purses or jackets to the line-up area.
    • Caps, gowns, and tassels must be purchased in advance at the Bookstore. These items will not be available at the ceremony.


    • The graduate line-up is predetermined according to your college and degree.
    • Each college has student marshals that will lead in your college.
    • When the ceremony is ready to begin, you will then be asked to stand in line and will be led to the graduate entrance at Massari Arena. It is important that you follow instructions from professional staff at this time.

    Walking into Graduate Area

    • Follow the person ahead of you and maintain a straight line. Don’t rush!

    Seating in Graduate Section

    • Ushers dressed in black and white will direct you into a row of seats.
    • Stand directly in front of one seat.
    • Do not leave a seat empty on either side of you.
    • Remain standing until you are directed to be seated.

    During Ceremony

    Conferral of Degree/Certificate

    • A member of the stage party will present the candidates for degrees to the University President.

    Receiving Your Diploma

    • At the specified time, you will be told to rise from your seats and prepare to receive your diploma cover (row by row).
    • Remain standing until an usher directs you to exit the row and file into the line you are assigned to receive your diploma cover.
    • Someone will direct you when to proceed to the announcer standing at the podium.
    • With your name card up and positioned to face the announcer, hand your card to the person collecting cards for the announcer. If you do not bring your card, your name will not be announced as you receive your diploma.
    • You will wait at the announcer’s podium until a designated staff person tells you to proceed onto the stage.
    • Important Note: Keep in mind that the announcer is timing your name to be read as you proceed across the stage to receive your diploma. Your name will be announced and then you will proceed towards the Dean and President.
    • The Dean of your College and the President will shake your right hand and a picture will be taken.
    • An usher will guide you back into the proper row of seats.

    Induction Into CSU-Pueblo Alumni Association

    • The President of the CSU-Pueblo Alumni Association will direct you to move your tassel from the right side to the left.


    • Singing of the Alma Mater
    • Closing announcements followed by the recessional in the following order:
      • Stage Party
      • Faculty and Staff
      • Graduates
    • You will be instructed by someone on stage to rise.
    • Ushers will direct you out of the seating area.
    • Graduates will exit the same way they entered through the Student Recreation Center.
    • The Alumni Reception will be hosted at the tent located outside the Events Center
    • Guests will be released to join graduates outside at the Fountain Plaza to take photos.

    DVD Purchases

    A Blu-Ray or DVD of the commencement ceremony in its entirety may be purchased for $15 by visiting, click on PCC tab, then Center for New Media at PCC tab, scroll down to 2019 Graduations and select CSU-Pueblo. There will also be someone on site in the lobby of Massari Arena to take orders in person on May 2nd.

    Photo Purchases

    Mountain Grad Photography will be taking photos of the graduates while receiving their diploma and as they come off the stage. Photo proofs will be emailed to each graduate following the ceremony where they will be available for purchase.


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