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  • COVID-19 Update: Campus open to public Monday through Friday, 9AM-12PM and 2PM-5PM.


    As of July 6, campus services are available in person and in remote format. Visitors must follow the signs to health screening upon arrival.


The Technology Building of the College of Education, Engineering, and Professional Studies (CEEPS) provides modern classroom and laboratory facilities for the CET program.

In addition to the specific laboratories listed below, our students have access to three networked computer labs to write their lab reports (MS Word), analyze their lab data and prepare graphs (MS Excel, Matlab, MathCAD), and search for information in libraries and on the web to name just a few of the many computer tools available.


    Soil/Concrete/Asphalt Laboratory

    The Soil/Concrete/Asphalt Laboratory is a large laboratory equipped to permit students to perform a variety of experiments which include ASTM soil, concrete, and asphalt tests.

    GPS/Digitizing Computer Room

    Our GPS/Digitizing Computer Room has four dedicated modern personal computer and a large digitizing board. These computers are used to process Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite survey data, do automated surveying, and digitize topographic maps for earth work computations.

    Hydraulics and Fluid Flow Laboratory

    The Hydraulics and Fluid Flow Laboratory allows students to measure fluid flow through open channels and pipes and to observe the forces created by air flowing in a wind tunnel.

    AutoCAD Computer Laboratory

    Our AutoCAD Computer Laboratory is used for computer-aided architectural, civil, and mechanical drafting. The laboratory currently has twenty-four Pentium-based personal computers which are continually upgraded.


Shot of three students in online, in person, and hybrid learning formats.

Get Ready for Fall 2020

Cross-campus plans have been developed that allow for in-person, hybrid, and online class experiences that will help you to tailor your schedule in a flexible way that meets your personal needs.

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