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Transfer Guide

Transfer Guides for Community College Students

Transfer of academic credit to the Colorado State University-Pueblo is governed by the current university catalog. Up to 60 credits from two-year institutions may be transferred to CSU-Pueblo and counted toward a CSU-Pueblo degree.

This webpage is intended to help interested students in identifying courses for which they are likely to receive credit when transferring into the CET program. The faculty of CSU-Pueblo is working together with the faculty at community colleges to make a transition to our four-year institution as smooth as possible.

Students with an AAS degree

Students who completed an Associate Of Applied Science (AAS) degree generally did not complete the Colorado General Education requirement. They need to do so at CSU-Pueblo. Because every two-year college offers different technical courses, we have developed transfer guides for students from several institutions.

Pueblo Community​ College and Trinidad State Junior College offer programs that match well with our CET program. Below are two spreadsheets for students from those colleges that list courses in combined programs between PCC & CSU-Pueblo and TJSC & CSU-Pueblo. Click on the icons to download these spreadsheets.

As you study these transfer guides, please be aware of the following suggested substitutions:

  • PCC requires PHY 105 - Conceptual Physics for the AAS degree in CET; this course is not acceptable for the CET program at CSU-Pueblo. We recommend you replace it with PHY 111 or 121 - Algebra or Calculus-based Physics I.

  • CSU-Pueblo requires that you complete 40 credits of upper division courses for its BS degrees. This requirement limits the number of credits that will be accepted from PCC and TSJC for the CET degree program.

Students with an AS degree from Colorado two-year colleges

Students who completed an Associate Of Science (AS) degree generally also completed the Colorado General Education requirement which will be recognized by CSU-Pueblo. For students who know they want to transfer into the CET program at CSU-Pueblo, we recommend they select the courses at the two-year institution that are listed in the spreadsheet below. They are required prerequisite and/or ancillary courses needed as foundation courses for the engineering technology major curriculum.

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Campus Safety: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have a number of individuals working on a plan to ensure that we are prepared to take care of our students and employees in the event our campus is directly impacted by the coronavirus.

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