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Graduation Requirements

Please note: The following list of graduation requirements refers to the CSU-Pueblo Catalog in effect in the Fall 2007. Students usually graduate by meeting the requirements listed in the catalog in effect on the date they begin their studies at CSU-Pueblo. They may elect to graduate under a subsequent catalog but must then meet all requirements listed in that document.

A student must complete 124 credit hours in order to graduate with a BSCET degree. This program can be completed in four years (eight semesters) by a student going to school on a full-time basis. Students working full-time jobs are encouraged to carry a lighter course load and to complete the curriculum in a correspondingly longer time frame. The requirements can be broken into several broad categories as follows.


    Required Technical Science CET courses (12 credits):

    CET 202 Statics 3
    206 Strength of Materials 4
    222 Dynamics 3
    226 Computer Applications to Engineering Problems 2
    Total 12

    Required CET courses (54 credits):

    CET 101 Introduction to CET 2
    102 Surveying I 3
    103 Surveying II 3
    115 Civil Drafting I 3
    116 Civil Drafting II 3
    207 Construction Materials & Methods 3
    208 Concrete and Asphalt Materials 3
    305 Construction Cost Estimating II 3
    315 Soil Mechanics Technology 3
    316 Structural Analysis 3
    317 Hydrology 3
    372 Traffic Control and Analysis 3
    404 Structural Steel Design 3
    405 Reinforced Concrete Design 3
    411 Hydraulics 3
    415 Water and Sewer Systems Design 3
    455 Project Seminar 1
    456 Senior Project 3
    473 Highway Design 3
    Total 54

    Approved CET Electives, select two (2) courses (6 credits):


    CET 303

    Construction Management



    Construction Cost Estimating I



    Advanced Surveying II



    Architectural Drafting I



    Architectural Drafting II



    Land Surveying



    Bridge Design



    Engineer-In-Training Preparation



    Special Topics (Upper Division)

    var 1-3


    Independent Study

    var 1-3

    Total 26-30

    Approved Technical Electives, select one (1) course (3 credits):

    Many upper division courses in Engineering Technology, Engineering, Business, Math, and Science are eligible; consult with your advisor. Also eligible is:


    CET 496

    Cooperative Education Placement
    (see also Cooperative Industrial Experience)

    var 1-4


    Other Required Courses (Math, Science, Computers - 25 credits)


    MATH 121

    College Algebra


    MATH 124

    Pre-Calculus Math


    MATH 126

    Calculus and Analytic Geometry


    PHYS 201/L

    Principles of Physics I/Lab


    CHEM 111/L

    Principles of Chemistry


    CIS 100

    Windows and Word


    CIS 103

    PowerPoint & Web Design


    CIS 104

    Excel Spreadsheets


    Total 25

Institutional and General Education

In addition to attending technical courses offered by the math & science and the CET department, students must broaden their education by taking a group of courses labeled General Education courses. These courses cover topics ranging from written communication to humanities, social sciences, and science & technology. Because of the large number of science courses included in CET curricula, no additional science courses are needed to satisfy the GenEd requirement.

Co-curricular Requirements

The faculty supports and encourages the involvement of engineering technology majors in at least one student professional organization specific to their discipline.

Outcomes Assessment Activities

Colorado State University-Pueblo and the CET program rigorously assess student learning outcomes. Annual updates are made to specific learning outcomes defined in the University Catalog. Further information can be found on the university website under Assessment and Student Learning.

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Campus Safety: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have a number of individuals working on a plan to ensure that we are prepared to take care of our students and employees in the event our campus is directly impacted by the coronavirus.

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