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Program Curriculum

The major in civil engineering technology leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering Technology (BSCET). The four year program is structured to provide the student with a mix of theory in the classroom and practical applications in laboratories.

The goal of the CET program at CSU Pueblo is to produce competent graduates who will have received a quality general education to help them sustain life-long professional success. The CET program places emphasis on hands-on experience obtained through laboratory activities and field work. Specifically, the CET curriculum is designed to produce civil engineering technologists who can (a) perform engineering surveys, (b) analyze and design of elements of structures, water systems, and transportation systems, (c) conduct standard laboratory and field tests for construction materials, and (d) function as construction project managers .

Upon graduation, students will have the knowledge and skills that make them immediate assets to employers. The CET graduate can expect to fill positions in industry that require problem solving skills, team work, and communications in addition to the application of their technical skills.​

Curriculum Plan

A student must complete 124 credit hours in order to graduate with a BSCET degree. This program can be completed in four years (eight semesters) by a student going to school on a full-time basis. Since many of the courses build on each other, it is important that the courses are taken in the proper order. The curriculum plan is designed for the traditional student completing all their course work at CSU Pueblo. Transfer students may not fit in this exact sequence. Students will be given an academic advisor who will help guide them through the program sequence.

Freshman Sophomore
Fall Spring Fall Spring
MATH 121 ENG 101 MATH 126 ENG 102
CIS 100 MATH 124 CET 202 CET 206
CIS 103 CET 103 CET 226 CET 208
CIS 104 CET 116 CET 207 CET 222
CET 101 GenEd CET 226 GenEd
CET 102   PHYS 201/L  
CET 115      
Junior Senior
Fall Spring Fall Spring
COMR 103 CET 315 CET 455 CET 456
CHEM 111/L CET 206 CET 405 CET 404
CET 316 CET 208 CET 415 CET Elective
CET 317 CET 222 CET 473 Tech Elective
CET 305 Gen Ed CET Elective  
    Gen Ed  

This curriculum allows students to choose four CET/technical elective courses which are intended to let students pursue their special interests in design, civil drafting, surveying, bridge and highway design, cost estimating, or construction management with advanced courses beyond the basics required of all CET students.

While the faculty and other personnel of the CSU Pueblo make every effort to guide you through your course of study with as few delays as possible, it is you - the student - who is ultimately responsible for meeting all graduation requirements in a timely fashion. These web pages are intended to help you in your planning process and provide the necessary guidance. To make things even easier for you to plan you course of study students can use the University degree audit system to track their academic progress.

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Civil Engineering Technology

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