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Alumni Testimonials

Tingting Hu, Class of 2020

International Student from the People's Republic of China

"I graduated from the civil engineering technology program at Colorado State University-Pueblo in December 2020. I was an international student and encountered a lot of professional problems in class. With the help of professors’ patience and kindness, I could graduate successfully with a GPA close to 4.0 out of 4.0. I was at a loss for the future; I didn’t know which specific area I would go. CSU-Pueblo’s CET program helped me to figure it out. It has courses related to  structural engineering. Structural engineering is what I am interested in and want to pursue my career. I am applying to graduate schools now to have a better understanding of structures. CSU-Pueblo built a good foundation for my career." 


Jordan Becker, EIT, Class of 2016

Water Resources Engineer, Matrix Design Group

“My time in the Civil Engineering Technology program prepared me to be ready for the engineering design world. Their hands-on learning equipped me to problem solve, critically think through complex issues, and communicate information with a team.”


Caleb Johnson, EIT, Class of 2016

Civil Design Engineer, Galloway & Company, Inc.

"I am forever indebted to the Civil Engineering Technology program at Colorado State University Pueblo. After graduating in December of 2018, I soon started working full-time at Galloway & Company, Inc. as a Civil Design Engineer. I quickly found that my practical hands-on drafting classes at CSU Pueblo provided me with a clear advantage over my peers in civil design programs, such as AutoCAD Civil 3D. At Colorado State University Pueblo, I found that many of my degree-specific coursework purpose’ was to prepare me for a career in civil engineering. This focus on practical skills is what has prepared me to be successful in working as a Civil Design Engineer. At Colorado State University Pueblo, I found that my professors shared a common goal for all their students. To teach, encourage, and foster an environment where students attend class with eagerness to learn the skill set required to work as a civil engineer. Ultimately, this shared common goal is why I am forever grateful for my time in the Civil Engineering Technology program."



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