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Undergraduate Degree

Colorado State University-Pueblo Student working in a chemistry lab

Expected Student Outcomes

Chemistry graduates are expected to:

  • Understand the concept of and be able to apply the scientific method to problem solution;
  • Understand classifications of chemical compounds, general reaction types and quantitative aspects of stoichiometry as applied to chemical reactions;
  • Apply basic knowledge of related fields such as mathematics and physics to problem solving, methods of analysis and use of numerical data in the chemical sciences;
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of basic laboratory skills, methods and equipment used in chemistry for observation and analysis of chemical systems;
  • Read, think and write critically and review current literature in the chemical sciences; and
  • Exhibit a comprehensive knowledge of the fundamental theories, concepts and skills necessary in the chemical sciences.

Undergraduate Degree(s)

The Chemistry department offers a B.S. in Chemistry, and a minor in Chemistry:

Within this major, students ma​y choose several emphasis areas, depending upon their interests:

New Emphasis

Students using a microscope int eh Chemistry department with Professor Dr. Chad Kinney

We will be offering a new degree emphasis area Environmental Chemistry beginning Fall 2017. More about emphases areas can be found in the Chemistry Degree Options document, or contact the Chemistry Department for additional information.

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