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Credit Recovery Program

The Credit Recovery Program offers both online and on-campus options at a discounted rate to students during Session One of CSU-Pueblo's summer semester (May 13 - June 7). The program is designed to give students an affordable way to get ahead in the completion of their required general education credits.

Students can also make up credits for classes that they may not have done well in during the fall or spring semester to increase their cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA). 

The total cost is $3,000 for students that enroll in at least 9 credits. To enroll in classes, please contact Derek Lopez.

On-Campus Course Offerings


    ENG 101 - Composition I

    Emphasis on critical thinking, reading, and writing clear and coherent essays that reflect an understanding of the writing process, rhetorical analysis, argumentation, and academic discourse. Prerequisite: English 099, or ACT verbal score of
    at least 18, or SAT verbal score of at least 440, or an Accuplacer test score of at least 95.

    ENG 102 - Composition II

    Sequential course providing continued engagement with critical thinking, reading, argumentation, and using rhetorical techniques in academic writing. Emphasis on research strategies. Prerequisite: ENG 101.

    CIS 100 - Introduction to Word and Windows

    A competency-based course, topics include: file management, formatting, fonts, editing, reports, footnotes, desktop publishing, clip art, styles, outlines, tables, and mail merge.

    CIS 103 - PowerPoint and Web Publishing

    An introduction to PowerPoint and FrontPage. Includes:presentation templates, charts, object embedding, slide shows, Internet search methods, web page design, web site creation and publishing.

    CIS 104 - Excel Spreadsheets

    Includes worksheet design, text and formula manipulation, charts, lists, pivot tables, ranges, lookup tables, data analysis, functions, and macros.

Online Course Offerings


    PSYCH 151 - Human Development

    Survey of human development through life span. A multidisciplinary approach to the study of both change and stability in physical, cognitive, social and personality development. Review of relevant developmental theory and research.

    HIST 136 - Southwest United States

    This course traces the culture and historical development of the southwestern United States, including cultural contributions of the American Indian and Hispanic peoples.

Vaccination Requirement and Exemptions

Student wearing face mask

The university's COVID-19 Vaccination Policy includes the COVID-19 vaccination unless an exemption is filed.

Center for Teaching and Learning

Derek Lopez

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