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Not only does​ help you manage your finances and work to responsibly manage and pay off your student loan debt, but they also produce videos and blog posts that help you along your career path.

What It's Like To...

Preparing For and Finding a Job

Get Career Smart: Search Jobs and Internships
Need a job? How about an Internship? @SALT_Money has you covered.
Finding a job or internship can be difficult. Thankfully, as a SALT member, the future is bright. Search for exclusive jobs and internships with the Get Career Smart search tool from SALT.

Why Having An Internship Matters
Internships matter—a LOT. Here’s why.
Employers expect at least one internship on your resume. However, they also expect you to obtain valuable skills from these experiences! By being proactive, you can ensure this happens.

Why Your LinkedIn May Be More Important Than Your Resume
Is LinkedIn more important than your resume? See for yourself.
We all know resumes are important. But now more than ever, social media accounts play a critical role—especially LinkedIn. In fact, LinkedIn may be more important. Don’t believe us? Check it out.

How Your Web Presence Impacts Your Job Search
Believe it or not, your web presence impacts your job search.
Hiring managers are looking at your social media accounts. Even if you keep accounts “private,” it’s a best practice to keep things clean and professional to avoid getting noticed in all the wrong ways.

SALT Earnings Potential Calculator
What’s a college degree worth? Check it out.
On average, Americans with bachelor’s degrees earn approximately $13,000 per year more than workers with high school diplomas. Find out how these numbers relate to you with the SALT Earnings Potential Calculator.

How To Ace An Interview (Video)
How I Found My Career (Video)
Why Networking is Important For Your Career (Video)

All About Resumes

How To Get Your Resume Seen (Video)​

​Writing An Effective Cover Letter
Give companies a compelling reason to pursue an interview with you.
Apply for a job? Cover letters give you a chance to connect the dots between your résumé and the essential functions of the job. Hiring managers sort through many of these letters, so you need to give them a compelling reason to pursue an interview with you. Check out this article from @SALT_Money about writing an effective cover letter.

The Interviewing Process

How To Ace A Face-To-Face Job Interview
First impressions are key, especially with tough competition.
You’ve made it through the phone interview, and now it’s time for the face-to-face. Are you ready? While first impressions aren’t everything, they’re very important, especially when competition is tight! Learn how to ace your face-to-face interview.

5 Things You Should Never Do In a Job Interview
@SALT_Money tells you what NOT to do in job interviews.
From arriving late to criticizing past coworkers, some mistakes you make during a job interview can create a first impression that you may be unable to recover from. Learn what to avoid.

8 Tips To Help You Negotiate Your Salary
Asking for more money isn’t greedy—it’s smart! Learn how with 8 tips from SALT.
New to the work world? When you land a job, asking for more money isn’t greedy—it’s smart!  You can get what you deserve by figuring out how much you’re worth and learning how to negotiate that number. Check out this article from @SALT_Money about negotiating your salary.

How To Get Even More Out Of Your Internship​
Internships are important. Make sure you maximize the opportunity.
Maximize your internship by setting clear expectations with your manager. That way, you can deliver on them—and take on new challenges whenever possible. @SALT_Money shows you how to get even more out of your internship.​


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