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Time/Task Calendar for Applying to Graduate or Professional School

 Junior YearSenior Year
Selection of Programs and Schools Attend the MBA Fair or the Grad & Prof School Fair in Oct. Research graduate school. Use directories in the library. Contact grad schools to admissions offices and request information and application. Watch the graduate school video in the Career Center. Attend graduate school fairs. Discuss choices with faculty advisor.
Qualifying Examination Research entrance test. Pick up test info from the Career Center Purchase test review materials. Practice for test. Schedule summer test. Finish general test (GRE). Last chance for test. Take subject test (GRE), if required.
Completion of Application Materials Complete the application materials for first-choice schools. Meet all application deadlines.
Letters of Recommendation Create and maintain contacts with all potential reference writers through classroom work, volunteer participation, employment, student and residence life activities, internships, and student research Prepare individuals who have agreed to write a letter of reference. Be sure letters comply with requirements of graduate programs. Confirm that letters have been received by deadlines. Inform letter writers of outcome of applications.
Acceptances and Rejections Acceptance by graduate schools begin shortly after deadlines. April 15 is the common notification date.
Planning for Financial Aid Talk to financial aid advisors at the MBA Fair or the Prof & Grad School Fair. Research sources of financial aid. Request financial aid information from graduate programs and other sources. Complete all applications. Collect tax information. Meet deadlines. Aid offer may accompany admissions offer. April 15 is the common notification date.
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Get Ready for Fall 2020

Cross-campus plans have been developed that allow for in-person, hybrid, and online class experiences that will help you to tailor your schedule in a flexible way that meets your personal needs.

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