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Application Letter

The purposes of this letter are to get your enclosed résumé read and to generate interviews. Use this type of letter in response to specific job advertisements and vacancy announcements. Your strategy is to demonstrate that your qualification fit the requirements of the position. Study the position description carefully and decide on one or more themes-education, experience, interests, and responsibility etc.-that show persuasively how well you fit the position. Link major job dimensions with your related past performance and experience.

Structure your application letters with three or four paragraphs:

Paragraph one: come to the point. Reveal your purpose and interest. Why are you sending this letter? Identify the positions and your source of information. Introduce your themes.

Paragraph two: Outline your strongest qualifications that match the position requirements based on the themes you selected. As much as possible, provide evidence of your related experiences and accomplishments. Make reference to your enclosed résumé.

Paragraph three: Convince the employer that you have the personal qualities and motivation to perform well in the position. Sell yourself.

Paragraph four: Suggest an action plan. Request an interview, and indicate that you will call during a specific time period to discuss interview possibilities.

Closing…Show appreciation to the reader for his or her time and consideration.

Application Letter Example​

Taken from 2016 Job Choices magazine
Revised by Michelle B. Gjerde, Career Center

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Spring 2021 Semester Plans

Read CSU Pueblo's spring 2021 semester plans for academic instruction and campus operations. For up-to-date information visit the coronavirus website and refer to the Colorado COVID color dial for guidance.


Jan 29

All Day

The School of Education and the Title V Grant is sponsoring a professional development plan for educators, pre-service teachers, and the campus community. Dr. Tina Boogren will be presenting two workshops. Please check...

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