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Minor Requirements

Specific Requirements for the Cannabis Studies Minor

Core CoursesTitlesCredits
POLSC 340 Public Policy 3
PSYCH 220 Drugs and Behavior 3
SOC 418 Crime, Drugs, and Social Policy 3
CHEM 101 Chemistry and Society 3
CHEM 101L Chemistry and Society Lab 1
Electives Courses 13
Choose from the following courses or other elective courses as approved.

Note: many of these electives have prerequisites that would satisfy general education requirements.

POLSC 323 Criminal Law and Procedure 3
PSYCH 331 Physiological Psychology 3
PSYCH 331L Physiological Psychology Lab 3
PSYCH 362 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSYCH 417 Health Psychology 3
SW 365 Understanding Mental Health 3
SOC 201 Social Problems 3
SOC 203 Criminal Justice System 3
SOC 359 Community Correction 3
BIOL 201 Botany 2
Total 22


Student should contact the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Dean’s office by calling (719) 549-2863.

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