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Wells Fargo Black and Latinx Leadership Summit

July 14, 2021

Wells Fargo

Allie Hall-Vanhook


The Leadership Summit is designed for rising juniors who are interested in the financial services industry (investment banking, sales & trading, corporate banking, commercial real estate, and CIB operations). During the forum, you will have the chance to hear from various CIB professionals regarding their experience in the industry, learn more about the different groups within CIB, and receive advanced technical training hosted by Training the Street. You will also receive in-depth coaching on how to navigate the summer analyst recruiting process from our CIB University Programs recruiting team. Select candidates may also be considered for interviews for paid summer internships in summer 2022. The summit is open to all rising juniors who identify as Black/African American and/or Latinx/Hispanic with an interest in Corporate & Investment Banking with an expected grad date of December 2022 or May/June 2023. Deadline to register is June 13th, 2021 at 11:59pm ET.

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