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Faculty and Staff

Frequently asked questions about Banner


    If I am not the student’s primary advisor can I mark them advised?

    Yes, ANY advisor may mark a student advised.

    Who do I contact if I want to increase my class size to accommodate student demand?

    Contact your Dean’s Administrative Assistant.

    For variable credit classes are there multiple sections?

    No, variable credit classes only have one section, unless there is more than one faculty teaching the various credit courses.  Students need to select the number of credits they are enrolling in.

    Why do I see two different names for a student in AIS and Banner.

    Banner has the ability to capture a students preferred first name.  AIS doesn’t have the ability to capture a preferred name.

    If we are allowing faculty to override - how do we protect them from going over the maximum cap we set for our online classes?

    Overrides will not allow you to exceed the number of seats in a class, it allows the student into your course provided the cap number has not been exceeded.  Otherwise the student will go onto the waitlist if they choose so.

    Will the room number show for courses?

    Yes it displays for both faculty and students if there has been an assigned room.

    Will Advisors be able to register students?


    Can we get reports for various majors?

    Eventually reports will be available.  In the initial roll out, reports are not set up yet.

    Where can I look for a new fall 21 transfer student’s transcripts before I advise them?

    Banner Document Management will house their transfer transcripts.  Access will not be available until fall.  If you need assistance with a transfer student, contact the registrar’s office.

Summer 2022

Two students leaving the OSC

$500 Scholarship Opportunity

Advising for summer courses is open. New and current students are eligible for a $500 summer scholarship if enrolled in 9 or more summer credits. 

Summer Scholarship Interest Form

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Banner Training for Employees

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Use Blackboard to learn more about using Banner. Any employee can easily self-enroll and begin learning.*
Access General Banner Training
*Specialized content modules by request.

Registration is Open

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Registration for both summer and fall courses is open for continuing students. Students can register for classes in self-service Banner or reference the following instructions and resources.

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