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An AIM student working in the lab

Automotive Industry Management Minor

The Automotive Industry Management (AIM) Minor provides students the comprehensive theoretical foundation to enter the automotive industry. The minor targets students from various academic backgrounds and combines their area of expertise with exposure to hands-on laboratory experiences essential to the industry.


The following must be completed to successfully receive the Automotive Industry Management Minor. 

Course #



AIM 125 / 125L

Automotive Suspension and Brake Systems 


AIM 235 / 235L

Automotive Fuel Systems and Exhaust Emissions


AIM 245 / 245L

Automotive Electrical Systems 


AIM Elective

Approved AIM Electives


Students wishing to enroll in the Automotive Industry Management Minor can declare and select the required courses through their PAWS account.

Supervisory Minor

The Supervisory Minor allows students to strengthen their academic resume in as little as 3 credit hours. Additionally, it provides educational experience in the areas of organizational behavior and management, two experience components often sought for managerial positions. 


Students interested in the Supervisory Minor must be enrolled in the Automotive Industry Management Program. Additionally, students must be approved by a program coordinator as successful candidates in the program. 

For more information, please contact Cat Robbe. 

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Automotive Industry Management

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