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Automotive Industry Management

AIM students working on motor piece

Program Overview

The Automotive Industry Management (AIM) program at CSU Pueblo results in a Bachelor of Science degree and a minor in Business Administration. This combination allows students to gain a broad range of management, business, and technical skills that are applicable to the automotive parts and service industries. 

The program curriculum emphasizes various areas such as financial analysis, personnel supervision, and distribution methods to prepare graduates for management and leadership positions within corporate environments.

Graduates of this program have a solid understanding of automotive operating systems, business law, management, financial policy, and marketing. 

Because of its managerial focus, the AIM program has a historical 97% job placement ratio with competitive starting salaries. Learn more from our program Alumni. 

"The AIM program provides the tools for success in the automotive industry as a whole. Whether you go into retail, manufacturing, marketing or the aftermarket, the curriculum and faculty will enhance the start of your career. Wherever that may take you!"

- David Airington, Subaru

Frequently Asked Questions


    What is unique about the AIM program?

    The Automotive Industry Management program at CSU-Pueblo is unique because of its managerial focus. While most automotive programs are tailored on the technical aspects, the combination of the Bachelor of Science and minor in Business Administration allows our students to gain knowledge for corporate and managerial positions.

    This results in a 97 percent job placement rate for graduates. 

    Additionally, our program heavily considers life experience for advancement in the program. This means that students with high levels of work experience may translate that to college credit. 


    What Is the Application Process?

    You will need to submit an official application to CSU-Pueblo through Admissions. Once you have been admitted into the University, you will be a part of the AIM program.

    For students interested in the AIM Minor, they can register directly through their PAWS account. 

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    Are there specific graduation requirements?

    Students in our program are required to complete the approved curriculum with a minimum grade of a C in all major (or minor) courses.

    How long does the AIM Program take to complete?

    Candidates seeking a Bachelor of Science in Automotive Industry Management and minor in Business Administration, the two components of the AIM program, will take an average of four years to graduate.

    However, staff and faculty support and strongly encourage students with the timeline that is best for them and their lifestyle. 


    How long does the AIM minor take to complete?

    Students pursuing the minor in Automotive Industry Management take an average of 2 semesters to complete their coursework.

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Automotive Industry Management

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