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Student Learning Outcomes

A group of individuals working on pottery.

Department of Art Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Activities

  1. Students will apply discipline-specific competencies for success in their emphasis area.
    Outcome Assessment Activity: ART 410 with exit survey
  2. Students will distinguish the role of art in a global society.
    Outcome Assessment Activity: Senior portfolio with exit survey and art history rubric to measure quality of written expression
  3. Students will employ creative skills associated with interdisciplinary learning.
    Outcome Assessment Activity: ART 410 with exit survey
  4. Students will make use of intellectual and practical skills for lifelong learning.
    Outcome Assessment Activity: Internships with employee surveys
  5. Students will create original work suitable for entry into a juried exhibition.
    Outcome Assessment Activity: Annual juried art show and any non-juried student on-campus shows
  6. Art education students will be able to apply the knowledge and skills needed to help children learn to create and appreciate art.
    Outcome Assessment Activity: PLACE test in addition to other BA measurements
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