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Art Department

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Art is to prepare the student to be a practicing artist, to enter graduate school for further professional education or to enter the job market in art related careers. Students may also select art courses as a means of achieving a greater sense of personal creativity and accomplishment. The educational mission of the department is central and primary, but in a larger sense, the Department of Art also views itself as a major regional community advocate for the visual arts.

What will you do with an Art Degree from CSU-Pueblo

Hello, and thank you for visiting the Department of Art’s website. We are happy to see that you are considering Colorado State University-Pueblo for your educational and professional goals. It is an exciting time to be at our university.

As you make your decision determining the direction you want to take with your education, you are probably wondering why you should consider CSU-Pueblo’s Department of Art. Our students and alumni say they choose us because of our rigorous program in the visual arts that prepares art students for success during and after college. Our students tell us they value CSU-Pueblo because we focus on, and meet the needs of, both traditional and nontraditional students. The Department of Art faculty provide a personal approach to education. We teach to the intellectual, professional, social, ethical, and cultural enrichment of our students’ lives.

Our homepage is where you begin to find out more about our degree programs, activities, and opportunities. You will not only learn about the degree programs we offer but how to meet the requirements for each degree. Take some time to navigate our website and discover more about the events and services we can offer you and see for yourself how art faculty and staff are committed to serving your needs and interests.

If you haven't already done so, or if you would like to again, please visit us on campus. During your visit, you will discover the variety of learning opportunities awaiting you. You will be able to meet other art students, faculty, and staff. You will be able to ask all of your questions and receive an answer for each one.

At CSU-Pueblo, we are fortunate to serve Colorado's diverse population and beyond. Through the Department of Art's commitment to a diversity of ideas and people, we will provide you with an opportunity to understand and value different cultures, life circumstances, and ways of thinking. As an art student you will have opportunities to participate in programs engaging undergraduate research and creative expression, and civic engagement initiatives, all of which will broaden your view of the world and inspire lifelong learning.

Thank you, again, for visiting our website. We hope to see you soon as a CSU-Pueblo student.

Best wishes,

Professor Aaron Alexander

Department Chair, Department of Art


Wendy Fairchild Administrative Assistant, Department of Art
Art/Music Building Office 116
2200 Bonforte Blvd.
Pueblo, CO 81001
Phone: 719.549.2835

Professor Aaron Alexander, Department Chair, Department of Art
Art/Music Building Office 117
Bonforte Blvd.
Pueblo, CO 81001
Phone: 719.549.2834

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Department of Art

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