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Frequently Asked Questions


    How can I meet with an art faculty advisor?

    Call or e-mail them to make an appointment or stop at their office door where all office hours are posted.


    Do you have to take History of Art I before you take History of Art II?

    No, although it might be helpful to take them in order.

    What kind of math do I need as an art major?

    Take one of the following courses: math 109, 121, 124, 126, 156 or 221 or any math that includes one of these as a prerequisite. At Pueblo Community College, you may take Math 120 Math for the Liberal Arts to meet CSU-Pueblo's math requirement. (Education minors must earn a B or better in Math 109 or a C or better in Math 121, 124, 126, or 221).

    Who can take 300 ad 400 level courses?

    You must be a junior or senior to register for 300 and 400 level courses or by permission of the instructor.

    What kind of careers does an art degree prepare me to accept?

    • Art Educator K-12 certification
    • Pursue a Masters degrees or Masters in Fine Arts degrees or masters and PHD in Art History
    • Graphic designer
    • Professional Photographer
    • Studio artists in painting, pottery, printmaking etc.
    • Art Management
    • Gallery director
    • Framer
    • Art Advocate
    • Printer
    • Curator
    • Marketing
    • Animator/ Cinematography
    • Creative Director
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