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College of Humanities and Social Sciences


ANTHR 100 Cultural Anthropology 3(3-0)

Introduction to the concepts by which anthropology understands particular lifestyles, and to the constructs by which it accounts for similarities and differences among lifestyles. (*)

ANTHR 104 Physical Anthropology 3(3-0)

Biological nature of humans; emphasis on how forces of evolution have shaped human nature in the past and present. (*)

ANTHR 105 Introduction to Archaeology 3(3-0)

Evolution of culture as explained through archaeological methods and theories; emphasis on the preservation and protection of the cultural environment. (*)

ANTHR 106 (ENG 106) Language, Thought and Culture 3(3-0)

Cross-cultural introduction to language processes in human society. (*)

ANTHR 211 Laboratory and Field Techniques (1-10 VAR)

Training in field and/or laboratory techniques by participation in anthropological project. Prerequisites: permission of instructor; previous work in anthropology recommended. (*)

ANTHR 250 (SOC 250) The Sacred in Culture 3(3-0)

Concepts of the supernatural studied cross-culturally and in particular cultures. Analysis of the role of religion in helping individuals adjust to stress and aging. (*)

ANTHR 251 World Archaeology 3(3-0)

Awareness and appreciation of cultural evolution and heritage through descriptions and interpretations of archaeological remains throughout the world. (*)

ANTHR 252 (SOC 252) Culture and Personality 3(3-0)

Relationship between group processes and personality factors in a cross-cultural perspective. (*)

ANTHR 291 Special Topics (1-3 VAR) (*)

ANTHR 301 Peoples and Cultures of the Southwest 3(3-0)

Examination of the region's multiethnic and pluralistic society; emphasis on adverse adaptations to distinctive nature and cultural environments. (*)

ANTHR 310 (SOC 310) Social and Cultural Theory 3(3-0)

From classical to contemporary theory in sociology and anthropology. (*)

ANTHR 401 (SOC 401) Health, Culture and Society 3(3-0)

Analysis of cultural, social, and psychological factors influencing health and health-care. (*)

ANTHR 402 (SOC 402) Aging, Culture and Society 3(3-0)

Cultural, sociological, and psychological dimensions of aging. (*)

ANTHR 451 (SOC 451) Culture/Deviance/Psycho-pathology 3(3-0)

Analysis of the relationship between culture and the causes and manifestations of deviance and psycho-pathology. (*)

ANTHR 452 (SOC 452) Self and Society 3(3-0)

Examination of the self and society within anthropological theory. Special emphasis will be placed on symbolic interactionism and cross-cultural approaches. Prerequisite: SOC 101 and/or SOC/PSYCH 352 (*)

ANTHR 453 Southwestern Archaeology 3(3-0)

Investigations of the prehistories of diverse peoples and cultures of the Southwest. (*)

ANTHR 491 Special Topics (1-3 VAR) (*)

ANTHR 492 (SOC 492) Research 3(3-0)

Qualitative and quantitative methods and designs in sociological research. (*)

ANTHR 493 Seminar (2-4 VAR) (*)

ANTHR 494 Field Experience (3,4,5,6,12 VAR)

Practical experience in an agency setting. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. (*)

ANTHR 495 Independent Study (1-10 VAR) 

Directed study for students interested in specific areas of anthropological concern. Prerequisites: previous work in anthropology and permission of instructor. (*)

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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

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