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College of Humanities and Social Sciences


ANTHR 100 Cultural Anthropology 3(3-0)

Introduction to the concepts by which anthropology understands particular lifestyles, and to the constructs by which it accounts for similarities and differences among lifestyles. (*)

ANTHR 104 Physical Anthropology 3(3-0)

Biological nature of humans; emphasis on how forces of evolution have shaped human nature in the past and present. (*)

ANTHR 105 Introduction to Archaeology 3(3-0)

Evolution of culture as explained through archaeological methods and theories; emphasis on the preservation and protection of the cultural environment. (*)

ANTHR 106 (ENG 106) Language, Thought and Culture 3(3-0)

Cross-cultural introduction to language processes in human society. (*)

ANTHR 211 Laboratory and Field Techniques (1-10 VAR)

Training in field and/or laboratory techniques by participation in anthropological project. Prerequisites: permission of instructor; previous work in anthropology recommended. (*)

ANTHR 250 (SOC 250) The Sacred in Culture 3(3-0)

Concepts of the supernatural studied cross-culturally and in particular cultures. Analysis of the role of religion in helping individuals adjust to stress and aging. (*)

ANTHR 251 World Archaeology 3(3-0)

Awareness and appreciation of cultural evolution and heritage through descriptions and interpretations of archaeological remains throughout the world. (*)

ANTHR 252 (SOC 252) Culture and Personality 3(3-0)

Relationship between group processes and personality factors in a cross-cultural perspective. (*)

ANTHR 291 Special Topics (1-3 VAR) (*)

ANTHR 301 Peoples and Cultures of the Southwest 3(3-0)

Examination of the region's multiethnic and pluralistic society; emphasis on adverse adaptations to distinctive nature and cultural environments. (*)

ANTHR 310 (SOC 310) Social and Cultural Theory 3(3-0)

From classical to contemporary theory in sociology and anthropology. (*)

ANTHR 401 (SOC 401) Health, Culture and Society 3(3-0)

Analysis of cultural, social, and psychological factors influencing health and health-care. (*)

ANTHR 402 (SOC 402) Aging, Culture and Society 3(3-0)

Cultural, sociological, and psychological dimensions of aging. (*)

ANTHR 451 (SOC 451) Culture/Deviance/Psycho-pathology 3(3-0)

Analysis of the relationship between culture and the causes and manifestations of deviance and psycho-pathology. (*)

ANTHR 452 (SOC 452) Self and Society 3(3-0)

Examination of the self and society within anthropological theory. Special emphasis will be placed on symbolic interactionism and cross-cultural approaches. Prerequisite: SOC 101 and/or SOC/PSYCH 352 (*)

ANTHR 453 Southwestern Archaeology 3(3-0)

Investigations of the prehistories of diverse peoples and cultures of the Southwest. (*)

ANTHR 491 Special Topics (1-3 VAR) (*)

ANTHR 492 (SOC 492) Research 3(3-0)

Qualitative and quantitative methods and designs in sociological research. (*)

ANTHR 493 Seminar (2-4 VAR) (*)

ANTHR 494 Field Experience (3,4,5,6,12 VAR)

Practical experience in an agency setting. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. (*)

ANTHR 495 Independent Study (1-10 VAR) 

Directed study for students interested in specific areas of anthropological concern. Prerequisites: previous work in anthropology and permission of instructor. (*)

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Campus Safety: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have a number of individuals working on a plan to ensure that we are prepared to take care of our students and employees in the event our campus is directly impacted by the coronavirus.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

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