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Enroll for Fall 2019

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Take Two Free Online Summer Courses

New students from certain Colorado counties who have not yet enrolled for Fall 2019 may be eligible for two free summer classes of select online General Education courses through CSU-Pueblo Online. 

To take advantage of this offer, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Admittance: If you have not been admitted to CSU-Pueblo, apply now for Summer 2019 and use the fee waiver code FREESMR.
  • Enrollment: Students must deposit and enroll between June 11 and June 29
  • Registration: Students must register for and attend at least 12 credit hours for Fall 2019
  • Residency: This offer is only open to students who live in the following counties: Pueblo, El Paso, Otero, and Fremont

Submit Your Deposit

Summer Session begins June 25 (you may enroll as late as June 29) and ends August 19. Students will be charged for courses and awarded a scholarship for summer tuition based upon successful enrollment and attendance in 12 credit hours during Fall 2019.

Available Online Courses

Value of up to $2,800

  • ART 100
  • MUS 118
  • COMR 103
  • EXPHR 162/162L
  • PHYS 201/201L
  • ENG 102
  • SPN 101
  • PSY 151
  • CS 101
For assistance with admissions applications and questions, contact Michael Hellman at 719-549-2093 or
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