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    CSU Pueblo Academy

Adult Bachelor Completion

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to earn your bachelor’s degree. CSU Pueblo Academy is here to make sure your transition to becoming a successful student is a good one. 

The Adult Bachelor Completion program is for working adults who have little or no college credits and want to complete their bachelor’s degree quickly. The CSU Pueblo Academy will give you an inexpensive jump start to earning credits and get you moving on your path to completing your degree.

Get Started


You may take your courses simultaneously through the CSU Pueblo Academy for a $160 monthly tuition rate. This monthly cost is all-inclusive and covers: course fees, eTextbooks, online tutoring, live support, coaching, and course materials. 

Earn College Credit

Courses taken in your program at CSU Pueblo Academy will be accepted as transfer credit at CSU Pueblo once successfully completed.


Instant access, 100 percent online allows you to get up and running quickly. You can work at your own pace and schedule your coursework around the demands of your work and personal life.

Tools and Resources to Help You Succeed

While enrolled in the CSU Pueblo Academy, you will have access to our student advisors and success coaches who can help guide you through degree planning and improve your success in college-level coursework, free one-on-one personal tutoring, and access to on-demand resources that can help you hone your study, test-taking and time management skills.

Program Courses

Students enrolled in the Adult Bachelor Completion program will take three courses to qualify for admission at CSU Pueblo. Courses can be taken at the same time:

English Composition 1

Intro to Sociology

Introductory Algebra*

Personal Fitness & Wellness

Intro to Communication

Student Success

Intro to Environmental Science 

US History 1

 Intro to Psychology

Western Civilization 1

*Please Note: Students are not able to receive credit for Introductory Algebra but are eligible to immediately enroll in math courses required for their degree upon successful completion.

You may take your CSU Pueblo Academy courses simultaneously or one at a time – whichever works best for your schedule or style of learning.

  • Start and complete your course(s) at your own pace
  • Courses are taken fully online
  • Students do not attend live class sessions but read or view course materials delivered through the platform
  • Schedule tutoring or coaching sessions directly from the platform
  • Access practice tests and have writing assignments reviewed by experts
  • Schedule your proctored, final exams at any day or time to meet your scheduling needs
  • Pause your course for any life event or schedule conflict and have peace of mind that you can pick it back up where you left off when you are ready

About the CSU Pueblo Academy

The CSU Pueblo Academy was created by CSU Pueblo as a separate entity designed for students looking to earn admission or affordably restart their degree program at CSU Pueblo.


The Academy enables you to start at any time and take online courses for just $160 per month. Courses completed through the CSU Pueblo Academy will transfer into your degree program at CSU Pueblo. The monthly tuition fee includes everything you’ll need: all courses, course materials, eTextbooks, live support, coaching, and tutoring.


Generally, it takes 4-6 weeks for students to complete an Academy course, but many students finish in less than a month depending on how much time they have to commit or familiarity they have with course material. You may take your courses simultaneously through Academy with your monthly tuition.

CSU Pueblo Academy

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