Program Review to Establish Priorities (PREP)

This is an historical archive of the PREP (Program Review to Establish Priorities) initiative, which was active during the 2013-14 academic year. The PREP process is no longer being utilized on campus as the University Budget Board (UBB) is finalizing a different process for requests pertaining to the 2015-16 budget year.

CSU-Pueblo President Lesley DiMareUniversity Community:

Under the leadership of the University Budget Board (UBB), we are developing a strategic initiative to evaluate all CSU-Pueblo administrative and academic units, to better align future budgetary decisions with long-term planning. The ultimate goal of this effort is to strengthen our programs while optimizing our financial viability. All areas will be evaluated for effectiveness and relevance to the university mission. Although the current budget deficit created the timely need to assess our cost centers for possible budget reductions, a long-term evaluative process is needed for strategic program planning. 

    Future decisions on budget reductions, allocations, or reallocations, must be based on sound data that will capture the breadth and depth of each program’s effectiveness and relationship with the university’s mission. This is particularly important as we embark on another strategic planning process in 2013 for Higher Learning Commission re-accreditation.

    The UBB has been working this fall semester to develop guidelines, procedures, and criteria with which to analyze and evaluate programs. The first step in this process is the completion of an evaluative document that will be made available to every campus unit after the winter break. The UBB will determine how the documents will be distributed, provide assistance to unit leaders in completing the document, and establish deadlines for return of the information. Most importantly, as representatives of all stakeholders at CSU-Pueblo, the UBB will make recommendations to me sometime early next spring on possible prioritization of programs, as they relate to strategic planning going forward.  Throughout the entire process, the UBB will keep the campus community apprised through emails, presentations and a link on the university website. 

    Thank you for participating in this process. It is important that we understand the significance of university-wide program evaluation as it relates to the future of CSU-Pueblo and our ability to continue moving the institution forward. 

Lesley Dimare