International Programs

Welcome to Colorado State University-Pueblo’s Center for International Programs! 

CSU-Pueblo now has the ability to offer J-1 visas to international students and scholars from across the globe.  With Department of Homeland Security approval, this visa program complements our existing F-student administration by providing more opportunities for accepting/enrolling international students and by fostering faculty exchanges to a greater extent.

CSU-Pueblo StudentThe Center for International Programs (CIP) provides an array of services to prospective, new, and continuing international students at CSU-Pueblo. CIP was established to support and promote international education at the University, and to help create a community that is responsive to the increasing needs and obligations of our international students and faculty.
We invite our students, faculty and the community to learn more about CSU-Pueblo’s international population and contact us with any questions.


 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather like in Pueblo, Colorado?
Can I use my international driver’s license in Colorado?
How much does it cost to buy a car and mandatory automobile insurance?