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Welcome to RAGE

Regional Access to Graduate Education (RAGE) is a grant-funded program designed to expand access to graduate courses and improve completion rates for all graduate students, especially among Hispanic and low-income students. The program focuses on providing direct financial assistance, supplying student support services, expanding research opportunities, and offering courses in easy-to-access formats such as 
hybrid and online. 



Fall 2014 iTe(a)ch Faculty Coffee Breaks

Next Break - Thursday, October 30th at 2:30pm

2014 Web-Assisted Teaching Showase

Tuesday, November 18th from8:45am-3:15pm
Occhiato University Center (OUC) - Chameleon/Gt. Plains Room #214/215


2014 Graduate Works Symposium

Proceedings now available online!


RAGE Mission & Vision

Mission Statement 
The Regional Access to Graduate Education (RAGE) program is committed to graduate student success and increasing access to graduate programs at CSU-Pueblo, particularly among Hispanic and low-income students. Graduate degree programs will be enhanced through distance-learning opportunities, expanded community-based research, direct student support, and financial assistance.

Vision Statement 
The Regional Access to Graduate Education (RAGE) program will support CSU-Pueblo in becoming a nationally-recognized regional university by increasing graduate enrollment, improving academic attainment, and expanding educational and research offerings that benefit students and the greater community.

RAGE Activities