Health Education and Prevention Program

Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Program (AODPP) LogoCSU–Pueblo is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for students to complete their educational goals without the burden of problematic or illegal use of alcohol or other drugs.

The Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Program (AODPP) works with individual students, small groups, and the campus and surrounding community to provide individually tailored, evidence-based prevention education and behavioral interventions.

To schedule an appointment with the Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Coordinator, call 719.549.2121.  Individuals can receive a free assessment, access to free education/behavioral intervention, and referral to additional options on-campus and off-campus.

Some students may be mandated to complete an assessment and educational intervention track with the AOD Prevention Coordinator as a result of violating the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy.

Individual Services:


Multi-tiered assessment is available for CSU-Pueblo students.  Assessment appointments will include the completion of assessment tools, a structured interview with the AOD Prevention Coordinator, and recommendation for available interventions.

CHOICES Educational Intervention

The AODPP provides monthly CHOICES educational intervention for students interested in making behavioral change with low to moderate alcohol use.

BASICS Behavioral Intervention

This two-session intervention is structured to provide students with a brief screening and motivational interviewing session to provide behavioral change for students with moderate to heavy drinking.

Other Drug Behavioral Intervention

Structured similarly to the BASICS intervention, this two-session service is structured to provide brief screening and motivational interviewing in order to facilitate behavioral change for students with low to moderate use of substances.


Not all students will be appropriate for work with the AODPP.  In the event that the use of alcohol or other drugs is beyond the scope of care, individuals will be referred to other on-campus and off-campus programs for assistance.

eCHECKUP TO GO for Alcohol:

The electronic Check-Up to Go (e-CHUG) is a brief self-assessment that provides you with accurate, detailed and personalized feedback on your use of alcohol, and specific information and helpful resources at CSU-Pueblo.
Group presentations are available for student organizations, clubs, residence hall communities, fraternities, sororities, classrooms, and workgroups.  Presentation availability varies, and for best results we request that you contact the AOD Prevention Coordinator at 719.549.2121 with at least two weeks advance notice of the presentation request. 
The AODPP will accommodate program requests on evenings and weekends as best as possible, but all programs must be on the CSU-Pueblo campus.

Group Services:

The following programs are an example of what the AODPP can provide

Risky Business (50 minutes)

In this quiz-show style format, attendees are split into competing groups to answer questions, debunk myths, and complete tasks to earn points for their team.  In between each competition round, a short, educational lecture is presented on alcohol use, other drug use, sexual health, and sexual assault.  As time presents, the audience is free to ask questions at the end of the program.

Bystander Intervention Training (1 hour and 30 minutes)

This formal session helps student leaders recognize the signs of over-consumption and how to accurately respond to possible alcohol poisoning.  Participants will engage in short role-plays to practice techniques in responding with intoxicated individuals.

Alcohol Use and You (20 minutes)

Want to introduce alcohol education, but not sure you have the time for it?  The AODPP offers a compressed educational session to cover how alcohol reacts to the body when consumed, recognizing the signs of alcohol poisoning, and resources on-campus.  This is a perfect program idea for existing meetings where you’d like to include a brief alcohol education session.

If you have a particular area of interest, please contact the Interim AOD Prevention Coordinator Quatisha "Q" Franklin at 719.549.2121 to discuss your needs.  

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